A Letter From Rob Corcoran - Katie's Husband

There has been such a ground swell of support involving so many people in an effort to find Katie without really knowing her, that I felt it incumbent to express who she is, how important she is and what she means to her family.

On September 5, 2007, my wife, Katie Corcoran, seemingly vanished. As incomprehensible as that is to me, nearly a month has gone by and there has been absolutely no trace of her. However, that is not the only landmark that keeps weighing on me. October 4 th marked our tenth year anniversary. Instead of making plans to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant or looking for a special piece of jewelry to mark the occasion, I was instead desperately trying to think of the next place to search just to find her. We have been together a little over 16 years now and it is just surreal that we are in this situation when 6 months ago we were the stereotypical family with a nice house, a dog and cat, and two great kids, Thomas, age 4 and Chase, 8 months old.

Katie was so dedicated to her children and did such an incredible job raising Thomas, that it is unimaginable that she is not here to witness Chase’s milestones, not to mention Thomas’. While I diligently take pictures and video, it just can’t replace the fact that she wasn’t here to see Chase start to crawl two weeks ago or his first tooth come in a couple of days ago, as well as, Thomas just learning to spell his name.

Unfortunately, the pain does not stop there.  Katie and I were passionate about collecting antiques and every time I am at home I am surrounded by the things we collected over the years.  Like an album, each piece represents a snapshot of a happier place and time. 

We were much more than your typical married couple. We moved 14 years ago from San Francisco, where Katie grew up, to Rhode Island to attend college. After college, we decided to make Rhode Island our home and purchased our first house on the East Side of Providence. We had no other family on the east coast, which really did not bother us too much as we were best friends and truly inseparable. We loved spending all our time together playing tennis, hiking with our dogs, fly fishing, exploring New England and most recently learning to play golf. With the birth of our first son, Thomas, Katie quit her job as a Sales and Marketing Assistant at a local computer company to become a full-time mom. As with all her jobs, she excelled in her role as mother to the boys. She loved art and would spend countless hours painting and working on projects with Thomas helping him to learn and develop into the wonderful boy he is today. As each day passes, the void her absence creates in all our lives is almost insurmountable.

While I try to keep my focus on finding Katie, I can’t help but occasionally reflect on how miserably the health care system failed to help her and the suffering it has caused our family. All I can do now is hold out hope that, until she is found, she is somewhere safe and being well cared for and we will soon be able to get her the help that she so desperately needs. Fortunately, our family has found some comfort in the generosity and support of so many people. Without it, we surely would be in an even darker place today. Words can not describe how grateful we are to everyone who has helped in our attempts to find Katie and we will be forever indebted for your efforts.

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